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Introduction Of Freeze Dryer System
- Sep 26, 2017 -

Usually freeze-drying machine (referred to as: freeze dryer) includes the following systems:

1. Refrigeration system

The refrigeration system consists of a refrigeration compressor and auxiliary facilities to provide a cold source for the oven and the cold trap. (In the refrigeration system, the pressure controller is installed in addition to the high and low pressure gauge with the display. When the high pressure is too high, the high voltage relay moves and the compressor stops working)

2. Vacuum system

Vacuum system consists of drying box, cold trap, vacuum valve, vacuum pump, vacuum pipe, vacuum measurement and other parts of the regulation. Vacuum pump group to form a strong suction capacity, on the one hand to promote the moisture in the drying box sublimation in the vacuum state, on the other hand the system in the cold trap and drying box to form a vacuum between the pressure difference, so that subcooled subcooled water Trap capture.

3. Circulation system

Freeze drying and heating are a process technology that relies on temperature transfer. The cooling and heating of the shelves are carried out by the heat transfer of the thermally conductive silicone oil. In order to circulate the silicone oil continuously throughout the system, a circulating pump is added to the freeze dryer pipe.

4. Hydraulic system

Mainly used in the freeze dryer drying at the end of the bottle into the bottle. This is an optional feature.

5. Control system

The control system has the programmable program controller, the touch screen, the peripheral relay, the sensor and so on.