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Injection Water Temperature Heating Or Cooling Instability Is The Reason Why?
- Nov 20, 2017 -

Injection water temperature heating or cooling instability is the reason why?

Injection molding machine temperature rise or cooling abnormalities, due to:

1, the thermostat abnormalities;

2, heat pipe problems or damage;

3, the pipeline of the machine is too long, the head and pressure of circulating pump can not meet the requirements;

4, injection molding machine temperature is wrong, too small, less than temperature control requirements; controlled temperature of the equipment to absorb heat or cooling capacity than the original design, then lead to the original heating temperature control equipment can not meet the requirements.

High temperature water temperature machine refers to the temperature reached 150 degrees above the highest domestic maximum temperature of 180 degrees, the highest foreign water temperature can reach 200 degrees above.

High temperature water machine in use, should pay attention to the matter: 1, to ensure that the power cord is properly connected and solid to avoid short circuit; 2, high temperature water machine in use, the pipeline temperature is relatively high to avoid insulation cotton processing; and regular Pipe replacement, when the stainless steel hose is used for too long, cracks, due to high temperature and pressure water, will produce high temperature water vapor.

Installation conditions of use:

1, can access the cooling water outlet, to ensure cooling, thermostat effect;

2, water pressure is too large entrance pressure;

3, whether there is cooling towers, water machine to provide access to use;