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Injection Mold Temperature Machine Service And Maintenance
- Nov 27, 2017 -

Injection mold temperature machine can also be called mold temperature control machine, divided into oil circulation mold temperature machine and water cycle mold network two main categories. The main purpose of injection mold temperature machine: First, the mold heated to operating temperature, the second is to maintain a constant mold temperature At working temperature.

Injection mold temperature machine service:

⑴ quality assurance period: If due to equipment design defects, manufacturing, transportation and installation, poor quality parts and other reasons for their own failure, B is free to repair and free replacement of related components.

⑵ outside the quality assurance period: Whether due to the equipment itself, the buyer or external factors objective factors lead to equipment failure, the seller will be responsible for the repair paid, service charge as appropriate, and materials costs.

⑶ response time: the seller receives the customer's notice within 1 hour to respond. For common faults, the seller will direct the buyer to resume production as soon as possible by phone or E-MAIL. For the buyer can not solve the fault, the seller promised to send the qualified service technicians arrived at the buyer on-site maintenance.

Injection mold temperature machine's return visit

1, in addition to the normal for the user to provide training, our company service personnel will visit regularly, in order to ensure smooth service system

2, through the general manager of the quality of service complaints telephone and fax

In addition to the company has a normal after-sales service system, the General Manager also has direct control of the quality of service complaints telephone and fax, dedicated to handling user complaints on the company's services.

Injection mold temperature machine maintenance:

Maintaining the working environment of the injection mold temperature machine to be clean and avoiding the dust can greatly prolong the usage time of the mold temperature machine electrical components and the use of the heat conduction medium to make different maintenance measures is water to the medium and to keep the water clean, This is not easy to scale, but also to prevent pipeline blockage, the medium is oil, according to the use of temperature, regular replacement, for more than 200 ℃, we need to regularly replace one or two months, and the following, we can a Quarterly replacement, so that it is good to avoid the temperature plus.On the pipeline, we have to pump and pressure according to the relationship between the pipeline to determine whether the phenomenon of clogging, if the pressure is too small, you can heat pipe Remove, clean with the tool, the filter needs to be replaced on a regular basis.Electrical components, according to the components of the timely replacement of the use of time, regularly tested to ensure safety.Regularly check the heating pipe, found on the heating pipe fouling , You can use fine sandpaper gently remove.

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