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Industrial Chiller Life
- Dec 05, 2017 -

When enterprises use chiller, there is no specific use plan, resulting in the equipment running time is too long. Chiller service life of 10-15 years, the following is a description of the service life of industrial chillers and what are the factors.


Compressor is the heart of chiller, its quality is good, is a measure of chiller life is very important basis, the general compressor temperature range is divided into three types: high temperature, medium temperature and low temperature compressor, but in the specific evaporation temperature region The division is not uniform, the general temperature range: high temperature compressor -10 ~ 10 ℃; medium temperature compressor -20 ~ -10 ℃; low temperature compressor -45 ~ -20 ℃; users of the chiller temperature requirements are different, Equipped with the compressor is not the same.

2. Running time

Many companies think chiller performance is relatively stable, even without any rest time, chiller also has a longer life. But after the authoritative department survey found that the rational use of chiller business and no plans to run chiller business, the same paragraph equipment life is very different. Regularly scheduled maintenance and maintenance of chiller companies, even if the operation of chiller every day for more than 20 hours, the device can also maintain minimal failure within 4 years. For businesses that run their chiller for 24 hours a day for 24 hours or more and do not provide any time off for more than seven days, chillers often suffer from glitches.

3. Energy consumption

When using a chiller, you first need to adjust the operating power of the device according to the size of the environment. If the space is large, you can increase the operating power of the chiller when using the chiller. Responding to the chiller fault needs to be prevented well in advance, according to the size of the use of the environment, first develop a good use of the plan to complete the equipment within the scope of the planned operation.

4. Internal scale

When using a chiller, if the equipment is running for more than six months, a significant amount of scale will appear inside the chiller evaporator. Scale If you do not prompt and efficient processing, then the stability of the equipment will be severely affected. When the equipment continues to generate faults, even if the enterprise can effectively handle the fault, the temperature of the equipment can not be rapidly reduced and the energy utilization rate of many enterprises is even reduced.

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