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Industrial Chiller Energy-saving Trends
- Mar 05, 2018 -

The rapid development of science and technology, the improvement of industrial and agricultural production levels, the improvement of people's cultural life, and the wide application of air-conditioning in our country. Air conditioning consumes more and more energy. How to save energy in the operation, operation and management of the air conditioning system is a major issue facing the personnel engaged in this work. To make the work of industrial chillers do energy saving, operators should understand the working principle of the unit and the entire air conditioning system and operating procedures to meet the characteristics of the unit, operating strictly in accordance with the instructions of the refrigeration unit to ensure the safe operation of the unit.

      To do energy-saving air-conditioning, first of all, must correct a variety of misuse. Misoperation is more common on the chilled water system, cooling water system, cooling tower system operation. In the case of chillers, the current air-conditioning technology has not yet fully integrated the chilled water flow rate and pressure drop of chilled water and industrial chillers into automatic control systems (including chiller units with variable frequency speed control), controlled chilled water and cooling water Of the pressure drop also need to be manually controlled micro-computer control center can be "from the water flow switch signal as a digital input, temperature and pressure signals as analog input", but the flow switch can only control the unit start and stop (from the protection) But can not control the water flow and pressure drop. Temperature signals and pressure signals are only on the unit from the security role of a word, the current microcomputer control center. Only control the normal operation of the unit, play a security role, easy operation and maintenance. Can not control the chilled water, chiller cooling water flow and pressure drop, can not provide the best unit, the most energy-efficient operating conditions. It is precisely because people ignore the mistaken operation of chillers, thereby artificially increasing the operating costs of the unit, causing undue losses.

      China has joined the World Trade Organization, competition in all walks of life will be more intense Market economy is an efficient economy, air-conditioning industry to achieve high efficiency, can not do without energy-saving, in summary, the energy saving of industrial freezers is a great article made.

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