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Industrial Chiller Acid And Alkali Treatment Methods
- Dec 08, 2017 -

Environmental factors, many companies in the choice of industrial chiller, tend to buy high-quality chiller with high corrosion resistance products. Due to the high inertia and overbased material in the operating environment, if the chiller is left untreated for a period of time, the equipment will have serious corrosion problems that directly affect the life of the chiller.

         As the impact of the environment on the life of the chiller is relatively large, using the chiller without any treatment can easily affect the operating efficiency of the chiller. For example, in the strong acid environment, the equipment surface is prone to serious corrosive problems. Almost no more than six months to a year must replace the new chiller equipment. Multiple replacement of equipment, will inevitably lead to increased production costs of enterprises, and choose to withstand the highly corrosive environment chiller, can effectively extend the service life of equipment, reduce the cost of using chiller business.

The benefits of acid and alkali treatment for chillers

1, effectively resist the impact of the environment

        Chillers are specially treated to operate at high speeds in environments with strong acids and alkalis. Even with a wide range of special operating conditions, chillers differ greatly in operating efficiency from chillers without any defensive measures. Not only that, through the acid-base chiller longer life expectancy, and more stable operation.

2, to avoid acid-base affect parts life

        After acid and alkali treatment, the various parts of the acidic environment and the alkaline environment more resistant. Enterprises in the use of chiller, without having any concerns about the life of the chiller. As long as the daily routine to complete the maintenance and maintenance of chiller, chiller core components and various accessories are able to maintain a stable operating efficiency.

3, effectively reduce business costs

        Acid and alkali treatment, the probability of chiller equipment failure is very low, without failure under the premise of the enterprise need to complete routine maintenance and repair, without having to pay any maintenance costs. The fewer the number of business maintenance, the lower the cost of using chillers.

In order to adapt to a more special environment, chiller needs acid and alkali treatment. After special treatment chiller run more secure, to completely eliminate the impact of the environment for industrial chillers, chillers to effectively extend the life cycle.

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