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How To Solve The Blockage Of Industrial Chillers
- Mar 05, 2018 -

Industrial chiller used for a long time, how many will be due to some or external causes of the unit failure, such as high pressure alarm, low pressure alarm, chiller cooling effect is poor or not cooling and so on. Here today to explain to you some common chiller phenomenon of industrial chiller refrigeration system.

 First, the ice blocking

     Industrial chiller ice blocking phenomenon occurs because the system exceeds a certain percentage of water in the expansion valve / capillary, evaporator inlet freeze and block the small channel, making the low or low pressure to negative pressure, the whole cooling effect is poor or even Cause no cooling. And compressor electrical load is low, the expansion valve / capillaries only faint slightest or no response, the evaporator is not frosted, the compressor outlet and the condenser is not hot, ice jam takes a long time to Melt their own transport, but after a period of recycling will re-create ice block. This ice blocking phenomenon often occurs at the outlet of the capillary and at the inlet of the evaporator.

 Second, dirty plug

     Dirty blocking, the name suggests is the oxide or other dirty working medium clogged in the filter, when the accumulation of dirty working fluid to a certain extent, the direct plug expansion valve / capillary channel, and the phenomenon of ice blocking industrial freezers The effect of a refrigeration system is the same, but the only difference is that a dirty, plugged system will not recover itself and must be manually cleaned and the filters replaced. This shows that the phenomenon of dirty plugging generally occurs at the filter and capillary inlet.

 Third, solder plug

     Many parts of the refrigerator need to be welding work, and here refers to the welding block refers to the welding due to less welding insert, or welding heat is not good to burn through the weldment, the molten melt into the pipeline caused by the blockage .

    One of the dirty blockage phenomenon is more common, but also can be prevented in advance. For example, the installation of filters in the water directly to filter out the stolen goods, or water quality water treatment work, to maintain the installation of industrial chiller environment and other measures.

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