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How To Replace The Antifreeze Of The Screw Chiller Correctly
- Jun 08, 2017 -

Screw Chiller because of the use of screw-type compressor was the name. Its cooling power is greater than the power of the scroll chiller, mainly used in chemical plants, ink printing plants, automobile manufacturers or central air conditioning systems or other large industrial refrigeration.

Screw Chiller because of its key components - the compressor screw screw screw machine, the unit by the evaporator out of the state of the gas refrigerant; compressed by the compressor after the compression, into a high temperature and high pressure state. Compressed gas refrigerant, in the condenser, isostatic cooling condensation, after condensation into liquid refrigerant, and then through the throttle valve to low pressure, into a gas-liquid mixture. Which low-temperature low-pressure liquid refrigerant, in the evaporator to absorb the heat of cold matter, re-become a gaseous refrigerant. The gaseous refrigerant is reintroduced into the compressor via piping to start a new cycle. This is the four cycles of the refrigeration cycle, but also the main working principle of the screw chiller.

If the antifreeze position of the screw chiller is reduced, it is necessary to deal with it in a timely manner so as not to affect the stable operation of the equipment and even reduce the overall cooling performance of the equipment. In the low temperature area to the screw chillers to increase the amount of antifreeze need to master the following skills:

1, for the screw chiller, the amount of antifreeze is not the better, and when added, can reduce the overall concentration of antifreeze, you can get the best filling effect. The lower the concentration, the minimum range of effects on the screw chiller during operation. By carefully analyzing the operating environment, adding the appropriate number of screw chillers antifreeze can reduce the probability of equipment failure.

2, the replacement of antifreeze cycle as short as possible. In the use of Screw Chiller, in order to maintain the operation of the equipment safe and stable, according to the use of the environment to determine the screw chiller antifreeze specific replacement cycle. The shorter the replacement cycle, the stability of the antifreeze can be maintained, so as to achieve the effect of protecting the screw chiller.