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How To Operate Chiller
- Nov 27, 2017 -

For a running chillers, the ambient conditions, the load has become a fixed value at this time, the condensing heat load is also a fixed value. Provisions into the water temperature is 5 ℃, the cooling water must also be a certain value and the flow and the inlet and outlet water temperature is inversely proportional to. Therefore, the operation of chillers, as long as the provisions of the cooling water temperature on the line out of this flow is usually used into the condenser cooling water pressure drop to control. Under standard conditions, the condenser inlet and outlet water pressure drop is set to 68.6 kPa (0,7 kg / cm :).

   In the actual operation of the cooling water system, there are often the following misconduct:

   ⑴ not switched on before the unit does not need to open the condenser on the inlet valve caused by channeling water. Part of the cooling backwater never flows from the condenser, reducing the flow of cooling water in the condenser of the unit being operated, resulting in the increase of the condensing pressure, the increase of the operating current of the main unit, the decrease of the cooling capacity of the unit, Stop running, not only waste electricity, but also reduce the cooling effect, but also easy to damage the equipment.

   ⑵ due to a misoperation, the host of condensation pressure and cooling water temperature rise. To the operator caused by misjudgment mistakenly believe that the cooling water is not enough to open a large condenser inlet valve and cooling water pump outlet valve, and some also increase the cooling tower fan, resulting in pump, cooling tower fan power consumption increase

    What is more, blindly to open a cooling water pump. Although increasing the cooling water pump can indeed reduce the cooling water temperature and condensing pressure, but after all, a pump running power wasted, and therefore is wrong plus the wrong.

    Cooling water system is the correct method of operation is:

    ⑴ before starting the unit will not need to run the condenser inlet valve closed. Prevent channeling water.

    ⑵ open the unit to be run on the condenser inlet and outlet valves (usually the valve is always open, the inlet valve on demand, off. Condenser, evaporator are the same) open the appropriate cooling water pump. Adjust the condenser inlet and outlet pressure drop To 68.6kPa (0.7 kg / cm :) or so (pressure drop to overcome the pipeline resistance principle, the lower the better energy-saving effect).

    ⑶ If the condenser inlet and outlet pressure gauge pointer swing too large, indicating that the cooling water system has air.If the air to be discharged to the pressure gauge to indicate normal after the next step.

    ⑷ operation, whether to open a few units, are a cooling water pump on a host (match to be the same).

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