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How Is The Compressor Noise Controlled?
- Apr 03, 2018 -

         Noise pollution is also an important factor in environmental pollution. People living near factories or roads are more or less troubled by the noise of mechanical equipment and cars. As an indicator of assessing factory and living environment, noise pollution index has been included in the index of environmental protection standards. Equipment suppliers, then, should also have responsibility and obligation through technology to reduce noise pollution in the process of mechanical equipment operation, better build low db work and life environment.

The life industry mainly USES muffler, noise reduction and sound insulation technology.

         1. Install the air compressor muffler:

The main noise source is the intake and exhaust port, the appropriate intake and exhaust muffler should be selected. The frequency spectrum of air inlet noise of air compressor is low frequency characteristic, and the intake muffler should be composed of resistant structure or resistant compound structure. The air pressure of air compressor is large, the air flow speed is high, and it should use the small hole muffler in air compressor exhaust port.

          2. Set the air compressor to silence the pit:

The underground or semi-underground tunnel of the sound tunnel. The wall of the tunnel is made of sound absorbent bricks. Connect the air inlet pipe of the air compressor and the silt tunnel, so that air can enter the air compressor through the silt tunnel. The air compressor can reduce the air intake noise greatly and the service life is longer than the general muffler.

        3. Set up the acoustic enclosure:

Installed at the inlet and outlet of air compressor muffler or set silencing tunnel, air flow noise will decline, but the air compressor mechanical noise and motor noise is still high, therefore should also be in the air compressor units are installed on the sound insulation cover.

     4. Hanging space sound absorber: in foshan lingge air compressor station, large and empty factory buildings reverberate very heavily, and can be dispersed in the roof of the workshop.