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How Electric Fire Heater
- Nov 24, 2017 -

Electric heater is a kind of equipment used in work and life, such as electric furnace, electric iron, electric iron, electric heater, electric oven, etc., all belong to electric heating equipment.

Electric heater resistance wire is made of nickel, chromium alloy, the temperature up to 800 ℃ above. Due to the power of electric heaters are relatively large, users ignore the safety, the fire may occur at any time.

Electric heaters for fire reasons: First, the electric heater on the combustible material or placed in the vicinity of combustible, long time under high temperature baking caused a fire. Second, the electric heater is not installed plugs, plugs directly into the socket, which can easily cause a short circuit and fire. Third, the user did not pull out the electric heater plug unplug the time is too long, causing the electric heater overheating, the adjacent combustible material ignited and cause a fire. Fourth, resistance wire repeated repairs continue to use, can cause overloaded lines and cause a fire.

Therefore, when in use, it is not allowed to place inflammable and explosive materials near the electric heater, and a certain safety distance must be maintained. Electric heaters must be placed on a non-thermally conductive, non-combustible material base; the safe cutoff of the electric heater wire must meet the capacity requirements of the electric heater, which is to be equipped with a separate circuit under all circumstances. Wire must be installed on the plug, not directly into the socket thread; electric heater wire aging damage should be promptly replaced, the circuit is not installed in the electric heater heater shall not be used; electric heater must be used when someone cares, unplug the plug should leave , In the course of using, in case of power failure, it should promptly pull out the plug, do not forget. For multiple repair resistance wire, it is best not to use, should replace the new resistance wire. Flammable and explosive materials is strictly prohibited electric heater drying; electric oven temperature control device should not only prevent the temperature is too high, but also to prevent the baking time is too long.