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Hot And Cold Machine How To Choose The Location
- Nov 17, 2017 -

Hot and cold machine, also known as heating and cooling machine, the aircraft two main functions, one heating, the second is cooling; heating conditions without special requirements, as long as the voltage is stable, the pipeline has a water flow through, you can start the heating system heating; Cooling system is air-cooled, his requirements a little special conditions: ventilation is good, the location of open air inlet and outlet can not be blocked, finned radiator to keep clean.

Air-cooled hot and cold machine placement requirements are as follows:

Air-cooled hot and cold machine in principle is the air-cooled chiller plus heating system, so air-cooled hot and cold air-cooled chiller placed the same requirements:

1. Air-cooled chiller should be placed in the indoor central position.

2. The air-cooled chiller should not be covered with obstructions, the condenser should always be cleaned.

3. Filter screen should be clean and clean. Around the temperature is not easy too high, the water droplets attached to the evaporator surface will freeze and the effect of air-cooled chiller weakened, if the ambient temperature exceeds 40 ℃ above, the system pressure will increase and the compressor overload, then overload maintenance The machine should cut the line, otherwise the compressor motor will be damaged.

4. Air-cooled chiller is the best place to place space is more open space, the best indoor air vents, air humidity less than 30 percent below the fresh air.

5. Air-cooled chiller, operating in places where the ambient temperature is too high, be sure to ensure smooth ventilation. Not afraid of the ambient temperature is too high, afraid the air does not flow.

6. Compressor by the limited capacity of the cylinder pressure, it can not be too high pressure regulator of the compressor. Otherwise there will be danger, the general high pressure can be about 25KG.

7. Air-cooled chiller to leave a distance of 2 meters for the unit to ensure good heat dissipation and efficient operation is completely necessary, if the spacing is less than 0.5 m, not only can not meet the purpose of adequate heat exchange unit, but also inconvenient Operation, maintenance and overhaul of the operators in their daily operation.

    In summary, if the conditions are not satisfied easily lead to high voltage alarm, skip overload alarm.