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High Temperature Oil Temperature Machine Points
- Dec 18, 2017 -

In normal operation, when the main / backup circulation pump is faulty, the high temperature oil temperature machine prohibits oil-free heating and no-pressure heating. When the main / backup circulation pump is faulty during normal operation, the pump is closed and the backup / main circulation pump is opened and the main / backup circulation pump is closed Outlet valve Check and repair the defective main / backup circulation pump. Normal operation only need to open a circulating pump.

    When a sudden power outage, power supply should be intercepted in time to close the main return valve on the refueling pipe, less open back to the oil storage tank drain valve, pay attention to not fully open. With the oil from the main oil supply pipe back to the underground tank, to reduce the furnace temperature, to prevent overheating burning components.

      The newly put into operation of the unit should be one week after the operation of the circulating pump inlet pipe filter once a full clean, clean every 3 months later. The newly used high temperature oil heater or HTF heater should be consulted on the following components prior to putting it into service: the terminals of the heater assembly, the flange bolting of the furnace fitting, the connection bolts in the explosion-proof junction box, and the explosion-proof junction box bolts.

      For pressure gauges, temperature indicator should be inspected by statutory inspection units at a distance of one year. Overhaul the top team every year for a year. Including the removal of dust inside the furnace, the filter cartridge replacement, maintenance of circulating pumps, the line part of the overhaul.

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