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High Temperature Oil Temperature Machine - Oil Temperature Oil Heater Role
- Nov 21, 2017 -

High temperature oil temperature machine - oil temperature oil heater role

Oil heater features:

1, the temperature controller using Japanese Omron (double P.I.D.) touch mode storage, automatic calculation, accurate and reliable control within ± 1 ℃, saving more than 35%.

2, two sets of electric heat pipe, can be used alone or in common.

3, heating and cooling time, temperature stability.

4, electric tube, etc. made of stainless steel, the wire imported from Sweden.

5, safety protection and fault indication system is perfect.

6, the use of imported high-level components, long service life.

7, advanced process system design, easy operation and maintenance.

Oil temperature oil heater role:

Oil temperature oil heater is essentially refers to the use of heat-conducting oil as a heat transfer medium to control the temperature of the mold temperature machine. Oil temperature machine comes with expansion tank, expansion tank has three major roles: oil, exhaust and heat transfer oil After the high temperature expansion coefficient, in the normal heating process, the tank is not involved in the heating process, the oil temperature machine in the early stages of use, thermal oil by the expansion tank to supplement the pipeline system, forced by the high temperature pump liquid circulation, the need to control Warm equipment and unit system cycle, HTF from the unit of the heating device, the temperature rises, enter the temperature control equipment, the heat is absorbed, and then returned to the system heating tube to continue warming, the pump in this injection To the need to use hot equipment, go round and over again, until the set temperature is reached with the hot equipment.

Oil temperature oil heating in the purchase and use of matters needing attention:

1. Not available Large oil temperature machine adjusts the temperature of the secondary model, because the large can not take into account the small.

2. A molding machine using one or several oil temperature machine, then the temperature difference between the oil temperature machine can not be large.

3. Do not use the pipe to do different use, can not adjust the size of the opening of the valve, to be fully open to use.

3. The same model of the temperature sensor feedback to the thermostat to control the method is not good.

4. When designing equipment, make the flow of circulating water turbulent. Check the flow rate to calibrate the thermometer.

5. Use good quality recycled water, can not be directly injected into the cooling water or water overflow phenomenon.