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High Temperature Oil Machine Five Kinds Of Maintenance Methods
- Nov 24, 2017 -

High temperature oil temperature machine industry in recent years, as a kind of high-tech industries, has had a profound impact on industrial development. Especially in the constant temperature, temperature control, heating a wide range of applications, which greatly improves the production efficiency and resource utilization, and enhance environmental protection, environmental sustainable development. And played the role of a pillar industry in the national economy and social development. As a result, rapid development in recent years has greatly promoted the progress of the industrial level.

So in all industries are gradually using the mold temperature machine, but also slowly aware of the mold temperature maintenance problems, a better maintenance of the mold temperature machine is able to promote production and reduce costs. Kasaira Machinery Co., Ltd. today to bring home to bring the mold temperature maintenance points!

Mold temperature machine maintenance mainly in the following 5 ways:

1, regularly check the mold temperature pump and oil pump oil spills, pump shaft seal is required to be replaced on a regular basis;

2, electrical components, we can timely replacement of components according to the useful life of regular testing to ensure safety and production;

3, in the pipeline, we can pump and pressure according to the relationship to determine whether the pipeline is blocked, if the pressure is too small, we can take out the heating tube and tools to clean up, especially the filter system at the entrance of the network Cover, need regular cleaning;

4, the new mold temperature machine, before use to check whether the circulation of cooling water to prevent the lack of cooling water on the mold temperature machine damage.

5, the new mold temperature machine, we have to make different maintenance measures according to the use of thermal media. For media is water, we want to keep the water clean, so it is not easy to scale, but also to prevent pipeline plugging. For the medium is oil, we have to change according to the use of temperature, for more than 200 ℃, we need to regularly replace one or two months, and below 200 ℃, we can be replaced once a quarter, so that is good Avoid the problem of the temperature does not meet the requirements.