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High And Low Temperature Electric Heat Conduction Oil Furnace Control
- Nov 25, 2017 -

1. Electric heating oil furnace in the press mold, hot plate, laminate heating process to achieve high and low temperature control

Press mold, hot plate, laminate heating process to achieve high and low temperature control, it is best not to design a cold tank, hot tank two systems. Because of these objects being warmed up, there is not much oil in their runners as long as they are designed as a hot oil system and then with a heat exchanger with a larger heat exchange area to cool the oil with cold water. Of course, if the temperature difference between objects is not controlled, can also be a different design.

    2. Electric heat conduction oil furnace in the reactor, roller jacket heating process to achieve high and low temperature temperature control

Reactor, roller jacket heating, often encountered such a process: the beginning of 1 hour with the reactor or roller temperature added to 200 degrees in half an hour time to 80 degrees down the material, remove the material, Warmed to 200 degrees. To 1.5 tons of reactor, for example, the jacket volume of heat transfer oil about 350L, in a short time the temperature rose to 200 degrees, and down, the electric heating power must be great, if the hot water with hot and cold heat Exchange, cooling power must also be great. And repeatedly heating and cooling, waste of energy too much. In this large-capacity, large temperature difference in the process, Kassel machinery is so designed HTF high and low temperature control. Design two systems are independent closed loop system, divided into hot oil, cold oil system. Hot oil and cold oil with three-way valve to convert. Need to heat up, the output of 250 degrees hot oil. And repeated cycle. Need cooling, the first hot gas blowing back to the hot gas tank, and output 40 degrees of cold oil, and repeated cycles.