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Heating Power Calculation Method Of High Temperature Oil Temperature Machine And Selection Of Pump Size
- Nov 24, 2017 -

In industrial production, high temperature oil temperature machine is widely used in plastic molding, light guide plate die casting, rubber tires, rollers, chemical reactors, bonding, mixing and other industries. So in different processing and production process, the required high temperature mold temperature heating device configuration is also very different.
Today, Hangzhou Kasai Er Machinery Co., Ltd. to bring you high-temperature mold temperature heating power calculation methods and formulas, I hope we can solve some of the problems in production:

Find the heater power or freezing power KW = W × △ t × C × S / 860 × T
W = mold weight or cooling water KG
Δt = temperature difference between desired temperature and starting temperature.
C = specific heat oil (0.5), steel (0.11), water (1), plastic (0.45 ~ 0.55)
T = time to warm to the desired temperature (hours)

Different configurations of the mold temperature machine, the size of the main components of the pump there is a big gap between the pump size configuration formula is:
P [pressure Kg / cm2] = 0.1 × H (head M) × α [heat transfer medium specific gravity, water = 1, oil = 0.7-0.9]

L [media required flow L / min] = Q [calories required by the mold Kcal / H] / C [media than hot water = 1 oil = 0.45] × △ t [circulating media temperature difference between the mold] × α × 60

Through the above formula, you can calculate the required size of the high temperature die temperature machine, not only more intuitive understanding of the high temperature die temperature machine, but also can save resources and funding.