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Heat Oil Heater Principle
- Dec 08, 2017 -

The heating power of HTF heater should be selected according to the actual temperature control conditions of customers. HTF heater is a new type of safety, energy-efficient, low-pressure (atmospheric pressure or low pressure) and can provide high-temperature heat Of the oil heater, HTF heater works: For the HTF heater, the heat is generated by the immersion in the HTF electrical heating elements and transmission to the HTF as a medium, the use of circulating pump, forcing the HTF liquid phase cycle , The heat is passed to one or more of the heat using equipment, unloading with thermal equipment, re-circulation pump, back to the heater, and then absorb the heat, passed to the use of heat equipment, so cycle again and again to achieve the heat transfer, So that the temperature of the object is heated to achieve the heating process requirements.

        Thermal oil heater is also called thermal oil temperature controller, hot oil temperature control equipment, oil heating temperature control machine, thermal oil electric heater for large hot oil temperature control equipment, can be under the lower operating pressure will be HTF Heating to 350 degrees Celsius temperature, pump flow, heating power.

Can be lower operating pressure <0.5Mpa, to obtain a higher working temperature ≤ 320 ℃, reducing the pressure level of thermal equipment, can improve system safety. Heating uniform and soft, temperature control using PID self-tuning intelligent control, temperature control accuracy ≤ ± 1 ℃, to meet the stringent requirements of high-technology standards. Small size, small footprint, can be installed near the hot equipment, without special boiler room, do not need to set up special operations, can reduce equipment investment and operating costs, recovery of investment fast.

Heat conducting oil heaters need to pay attention to safety;

        Heat-conducting oil supply unit should provide physical and chemical properties of HTF data and should meet the national standards. Conductive oil in use should be tested once a year and found that the problem of timely replacement or regeneration. HTF heater should be fully discharged in the start of air, water vapor and light components. In operation, the HTF oil should be maintained at a high enough flow rate to prevent the pump from being cut off during power-down to prevent the HTF from overheating or coking. Filters should be cleaned regularly. Heat oil heater and heating system safety devices should be complete and good, over-temperature, over-voltage protection device should be sensitive and reliable

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