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Heat Oil Heater Heater Maintenance
- Dec 21, 2017 -

HTF heater is the electric heater directly into the organic carrier (HTF) in the direct heating, and after a high-temperature oil pump forced liquid phase heating the heated oil to the heating equipment, and then by the oil heat equipment Back to the hot oil furnace heating, constitute a complete cycle of heating system.

     1. Circulation pipeline leakage if any, should be suspended operation, repaired before use.

      2. You should always check the heater contact, fuse, appearance, electrical contact pressure gauge and relay.

      3. Due to the selection of HTF heater precision appearance, so delivery, the installation prohibited violent sensation.

      4. Electrical control cabinet should avoid fouling, often to use compressed air purge to ensure that electrical touch outstanding.

      5. HTF heater HTF should not exceed the maximum allowable temperature. Usually six months after the use of every 2 to 3 months, the HTF sampling once, and pay attention not the same as the oil do not mix.

      6. HTF heater should always check the appearance of temperature measurement, and timing measurement, to avoid the thermal resistance of the temperature sensor to add, constitute the temperature is not allowed to mistake operation.

      7. The user should customize the specific operating procedures and regular maintenance guidelines, the operator should be well aware of and master the operation of this equipment.

       8 users long-term use, replace the heating element, the wiring must be solid, the heater leak test, to avoid heat oil leakage, poor wire touch, sparking a fire accident.

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