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Hangzhou Oil Heater Features And Maintenance Procedures
- Nov 20, 2017 -

Hangzhou oil heater features and maintenance procedures

    Hangzhou oil heater has several names, such as: oil circulation mold temperature machine, oil temperature machine, thermal oil temperature controller, hot oil temperature control equipment, oil heating temperature control machine

, Thermal oil heater and so on. For oil heaters, the heat is generated and transmitted by the electrical heating elements immersed in the heat conducting oil, with the heat conducting oil as the medium,

Circulation pump, forcing liquid heat conducting oil circulation, the heat is passed to one or more with the use of heat equipment, with the heat equipment unloading, re-circulation pump

, Back to the heater, and then absorb the heat, passed to the use of heat equipment, so cycle again and again to achieve the continuous transfer of heat, the temperature of the object is heated,

Reached the heating process requirements.

Oil heater is a new, safe, energy efficient and can provide high-temperature heat heating equipment, the unit uses electricity as a heat source, HTF as a heat carrier, Lee

Circulating oil pump with a forced liquid phase, the heat is fed to the use of heat equipment, and then return to the reheating of the DC heating equipment, day after day to achieve the heat

Of the continuous transfer, so that the temperature of the object is heated to achieve the heating process requirements.

Oil heater has the following features:

1, in the lower operating pressure, access to higher operating temperature.

2, with a complete set of operational control and safety monitoring devices, to implement automated control.

3, equipment, small size, more flexible installation, should be installed in the vicinity of the hot equipment.

4, high thermal efficiency, up to 95%, temperature control accuracy of ± 1 ℃.

5, with a complete set of operational control and safety monitoring device, you can precisely control the work.

In the process of using the oil heater, it needs to be routinely maintained. The rules are as follows:

1, electric heating oil heat conducting oil furnace should not exceed the maximum allowable temperature. General use of every six months after 2 to 3 months, the HTF sampling test once,

And pay attention to different oils do not mix.

2, electrical control cabinet should avoid fouling, often with compressed air purge to ensure good electrical contact.

3, electric heating oil furnace should always check the temperature measuring instruments, and regular measurement, to prevent thermal resistance nodes increase, resulting in temperature is not allowed and wrong operation.

4, circulating pipeline leaks, should be promptly stopped running, repaired before use.

5, the installation of circulating pipe to facilitate the elimination of gas pipe.

6, the oil heater found in the operation of the oil temperature rise difficulties, should immediately check whether the smooth flow of the pipeline, the valve is wrong, the filter is blocked, etc.

Phenomenon, to be excluded before use, on the filter to be regularly demolition and washing.

7, the user should customize the detailed operating procedures and regular maintenance and repair system, the operator should be very familiar with and master the essentials of this device.

8, the user long-term use, after replacing the heating element, the wiring must be reliable, heater leakage test, to prevent leakage of heat-conducting oil, poor wire contact, hit

Fire caused a fire accident.

9, should always check the electric tube contacts, fuses, instruments, electrical contact pressure gauge and relay explosion-proof electric heater 9, due to electric heating oil furnace with fine heat

Density meter, so transportation, installation is strictly prohibited vibration.