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Freeze Dryer To Use What Should Pay Attention To?
- Nov 29, 2017 -

Freeze-drying equipment, excellent performance, can make the water in the food under the conditions of the pulp and vacuum sublimation from the solid and direct drying, without liquid evaporation. Can maximize the preservation of food original color, smell, taste, shape, the original nutrients and very little destruction of active substances, and rehydration quickly, no longer need preservatives, the dried products are popular in the world energy-saving Food vacuum freeze-drying machine Energy-saving food vacuum freeze-drying machine, mainly including frozen material freezer and sublimation dehydration drying warehouse and refrigeration, vacuum, heating and other auxiliary systems.

        In order for our country's drying technology to catch up with the advanced international standards, there are many things to do, but the close combination of academia and industry is one of the most important factors. To develop China into a dry, powerful nation from a dry large country, it is necessary to further strengthen the study of basic theories and consolidate the base of applied research and application development. In terms of technology, it is necessary to strengthen the research on the degree of automation, testing technology, manufacturing technology and material material design .

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