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Freeze Dryer To Take The Green Road
- Jul 03, 2017 -

In recent years, China's overall economic development, resource and labor as the main mode of production has been unable to adapt to the existing production-oriented enterprise development and market demand, so companies need to use advanced technology and advanced automated production equipment to meet the enterprise Of sustainable development and market demand. Thus the production enterprises of the Freeze Dryer urgent needs will be highlighted, but at the same time the domestic Freeze Dryer industry is relatively backward development of the status quo has exacerbated the contradiction between supply and demand, and eventually led to a vicious circle. Although China's freeze dryer industry did not sit still, but only as soon as possible to technological innovation, close to the user, independent research and development to replace the blind introduction and imitation of the traditional model in order to make our country freeze dryer industry and the healthy development of the market as soon as possible Catch up with the world advanced level. How to catch up? The following to the development of frozen dryer to explore the example.

Take the green road

The protection of global resources, take the road of sustainable development has become the goal of the joint efforts of the world, the recycling of resources to become the direction of the enterprise, in order to actively respond to national policies, freeze dryer efforts to save environmental protection. In order to achieve the effect of environmental protection economy, change the situation before the waste, whether for food manufacturers or freeze dryer manufacturers, from all aspects of reform. Songyuan freeze dryer company in the packaging industry for many years, has formed a relatively stable production mode, in the filling machine, sealing machine, Da Maji, Pen Maji, Da Baoji and other packaging equipment industry, the implementation of economic research and development, Better display range. Can stand out in the many enterprises, to build their own brands need technical and economic strength. Songyuan over the years the pursuit of perfect service, focus on product quality, into the environmental economy for the freeze dryer has been well prepared for the long-term development, continuous practice,

Attention to independent research and development

From the perspective of the level of the existing technology, the domestic freeze dryer does not have better processing technology and supporting industry support, it has been followed by imitation of foreign advanced equipment, the lack of independent innovation, many domestic enterprises or the use of foreign equipment is relatively backward technology. We often use the daily chemical or pharmaceutical products, the same is the hose filling machine, the domestic more Freeze Dryer manufacturers are imitating the Swedish KALIX in the low-speed equipment, whether it is structural framework or filling methods and configuration almost all KALIX equipment exactly the same. Under the same conditions of use, although it can meet the normal production needs, but in the equipment accuracy, quality and stability with foreign equipment or a significant gap.

At the same time due to the lack of R & D and innovation enough attention and investment, resulting in domestic enterprises still can not produce high degree of automation of high-speed equipment, can not catch up with the progress of foreign manufacturers innovation. Of course, China's freeze dryer industry also has a lot of its own advantages: First, the design ideas are more flexible and not as solid as abroad, according to the special needs of different users personal design; Second, with the domestic customer space closer, you can use A variety of channels to understand the actual production equipment problems, timely solution, and this experience applied to the development of new equipment; third, the equipment manufacturing, debugging cycle are shorter than abroad, and has the cost of cheap, maintenance Resource-rich features. According to the above advantages, China's freeze dryer industry to avoid weaknesses, do not abandon the introduction and absorption on the basis of full attention to the equipment R & D and innovation investment, to better product line, more intimate design, more adequate support And finer manufacturing, to impress domestic and international customers.