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Freeze Dryer Technology
- Mar 09, 2018 -

The freeze-drying technique was applied as early as the beginning of the last century, and developed countries in Europe and America used it for food processing for several decades. The principle stems from water

Sublimation phenomenon. Using this phenomenon, the water-containing material can be frozen first and then placed in vacuum to sublimate the ice to achieve the purpose of drying.

Since the drying process is carried out in a frozen state and an oxygen-deficient atmosphere, there is no shrinkage, crusting, and the like that occurs when the liquid water migrates to the epidermis.

Loss and deterioration of ingredients, some heat-sensitive and easily oxidized browning ingredients will not change. Use this method for many foods, medicines, biological products, etc.

Drying of the product can better preserve its original properties and components, and can be stored at room temperature for a long period of time. Freeze-drying equipment mainly consists of vacuum

The drying chamber and the water trap are composed of two parts, and are equipped with vacuum system, refrigeration system, heating system, defrost system, cooling system and control system, etc.

The equipment is also equipped with a hydraulic stopper system and a sterilization system. The larger food equipment is equipped with a quick-freezing warehouse and a material conveying system. According to different purposes, freeze-drying equipment can be divided into

Drug equipment and food equipment are two. The former is smaller in scale, strict in sterility control, precise in control of process parameters, higher in automation, and higher in cost. the latter

The processing volume is larger and the efficiency is higher, and more emphasis is placed on the application of energy-saving technologies. Since the freeze drying machine is a kind of drying equipment with high energy consumption,

It is necessary to consider reducing energy consumption and processing costs. Therefore, the application of energy-saving technologies and measures should be taken into consideration when designing, manufacturing, and selecting applications. First of all, it should be guaranteed

The vacuum chamber is well sealed, the vacuum degree can reach the requirement quickly, and can be replaced by a low-power vacuum pump, and can be automatically alternated to achieve the purpose of energy saving. Refrigeration

The energy consumption of the system is relatively large. High-efficiency heat exchange equipment should be used to work and the insulation is reliable. At the same time, more advanced low-temperature refrigeration technologies and equipment should be used to increase the material ice interface and

The temperature difference at the surface of the frost trap increases the catching speed and shortens the drying time. The heating system should ensure that each tray is heated as evenly as possible, and the drying schedule is synchronized to reduce

Invalid drying time. The control system should be able to play a role of comprehensive adjustment, monitoring and automatic control. Domestic food freeze-drying equipment has been more than a decade of development

It is relatively perfect and basically meets the level of imported equipment. The DT series freeze dryer produced by Fushun is a more successful example in terms of energy saving.

   With the development of technology, from the perspective of foreign countries, food freeze-dryers are becoming larger, more continuous, and more automated. And the country is still facing the city

The industry competition in the field, as well as high-tech large-scale, continuous, and automation, the domestic situation is still far away, but we look forward to!

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