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Freeze Dryer Problems
- Jan 12, 2017 -
  1. preparation of samples should maximize their surface area, which shall not contain acid, alkali and volatile organic solvents;
    2. the samples must be completely frozen into ice, if residual liquid will cause the gasification jet;
    3. Note the cold trap is about lingxia65du, you can make low temperature refrigerator, but must wear insulating gloves operation to prevent frostbite;
    4. before start vacuum pump, check that the water valve is tight, charging valve is closed, and plexiglass cover and the rubber ring of the contact surfaces are clean and dirt-free, well sealed;
    5. under normal circumstances, the machine must not be used continuously for more than 48 hours;
    6. the sample in the freezing process, the temperature gradually decreased, samples can be removed after a period of warmer (still frozen), continued to dry, to shorten the drying time.

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