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Freeze Dryer Part Of The Composition
- May 25, 2017 -

Freeze dryer in the use of the period must pay attention to a few problems, only to be noted later to better use, to avoid the occurrence of security risks, the following let Xiaobian for a detailed description of the freeze dryer in use during the note The first thing is to check the work before the operation, not only need to check the parts, but also need to check the internal air, need to ensure that no clean air without any use, or will affect the dry effect.

The second point is the freeze dryer load problem, when used in the material can not be placed in the inside, should wait until after a period of preheating can be placed, the machine in the case of load will lead to the occurrence of failure. Three points is the operation of the problem, when the operation occurs when the automatic closure, then you need to wait three minutes before you can boot, do not start immediately, or will lead to failure, because the phenomenon of automatic shutdown is certainly internal The problem, so the need to wait, may be caused by internal load problems, only to wait for a period of time after the boot to better use.

In fact, the freeze dryer consists of many different parts, including the refrigeration system, vacuum system, heating system, electrical instrument control system, and so on the different parts of the various parts are playing a very important function.It can be frozen water first Into the solid state, in addition to the preservation of water in the compressed dry time, you can reduce the compressed air temperature, the compressed air in the water.It is the same as the principle of the refrigerator, can be frozen through the pipeline to achieve the appropriate temperature, It is a long-standing equipment, has experienced many years of ups and downs and wandering, has been made a very good development. Vacuum freeze-drying technology has a good drying performance, by a lot of people like , In many industries play a function, but also in many areas to be applied, is a very important application of technology.It is a lot of drying methods, dry products generally reduce the size of the texture hardened, you can volatilize many different ingredients. Of the thermal material has been denatured, loss of activity, and even the occurrence of oxidation in the role of low temperature, can be dry, the loss of volatile is very small.

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