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Freeze Dryer
- Nov 10, 2017 -

Freeze dryer system introduction

Edit: Kassel Machinery Co., Ltd. Date: 2017-10-11

Usually lyophilizer (referred to as: lyophilizer) includes the following system:

1. Cooling System

The refrigeration system consists of refrigeration compressors and auxiliary equipment, providing cold source for the cold and cold traps. (In refrigeration systems, in addition to the high and low pressure gauges fitted with the display unit, a pressure controller is also installed. When the high pressure is too high, the high voltage relay operates and the compressor stops operating)

2. Vacuum system

Vacuum system from the oven, cold trap, vacuum valve, vacuum pump, vacuum tube, vacuum measurement and other components. Vacuum pump group to form a strong self-absorption capacity, to promote sublimation of the humidity in the vacuum oven on the one hand, on the other hand in the cold trap system, drying oven to form a vacuum between the pressure difference so that the supercooled water Captured.

Third, the circulatory system

Freeze-drying and heating technology rely on temperature transfer. Shelf cooling and heating through the heat transfer of silicone oil to achieve. For continuous circulation of silicone oil throughout the system, a circulation pump is added to the freeze-drying tube.

4. Hydraulic system

Mainly used in the freeze dryer dry bottom bottle. This is an optional feature.

5. Control System

Control system programmable controller, touch screen, peripheral relays, sensors and so on