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Flat Pressing Machine Rapid Heating Solution
- Nov 29, 2017 -

Flat hot press rapid heating solution Here to say the next background, in the absence of HTF heater, to hot press hot plate heating, the need for factory-installed heat transfer oil boiler. We all know that there is not a small project to install a HTF boiler. Many small details, such as piping, floor space, etc., require factory and supplier agreements. To be able to set it down, even if the installation is finished, the factory also needs to employ boiler operators to operate, if there is no boiler, the machine still can not open up. This is because, the open-heat oil boiler requires professional staff to be responsible, otherwise there will be a big security risk. Heat-conducting oil boiler is a pressure vessel, get it bad, but also an explosion.

Secondly, because HTF boilers are generally used to burn gasoline, diesel, or coal, etc. These substances in the combustion process, the inflated exhaust emissions ran into the air, seriously affecting the environment, as the recent press said, our country North, the recent large-scale haze weather, the expert analysis, are because many manufacturers refused to abandon outdated heat-conducting oil boiler, or steam boiler. The fog caused by the weather. Responsible to say that such a weather, human health will have much impact.

   Flat hot press rapid heating solution Today, with the emergence of electricity-conducting oil heaters, this phenomenon will cease to exist. Although the electricity is the HTF heater, but in fact its real name should be: HTF heater. It does not have the characteristics of the boiler. It is a box-like device similar to a stand-alone air conditioner. It replaced the heating system of the boiler with electricity, which contained a fuel tank to store the HTF. Working hours, the use of continuous heat transfer oil in the tank, the heat transfer to the hot press, to achieve the purpose of heating press. It can also be said that the principle of the HTF heater is the same as that of the HTF boiler. The difference is that in the heat supply, control and flow, the HTF heater changes the train of thought and upgrades the equipment manufacturing process. Simply put, all the disadvantages of the HTF boiler have been improved.

Therefore, if the thermal oil boiler for the generation of hot press heating equipment. Then the HTF heaters for the second generation hot press heating equipment. The use of HTF heaters, hot plates do not need to change the hot press, but simply abandoned the HTF boiler pipe can be. This is also considered a kind of compatibility. So that the benefits of so many HTF heaters, then it is in terms of electricity consumption, energy consumption, and the traditional HTF boiler is what kind of situation? There is hot press is how to match the HTF heaters it?

    Flat hot pressing machine fast heating solution below I will simply talk about. The first is in the electricity consumption, through a large number of experimental data show that the cost of burning gasoline, diesel, or coal, is far greater than the cost of electricity. Here because, thermal oil boiler thermal efficiency is much lower than the thermal efficiency of electricity. Although the heating value of gasoline and diesel than electricity. But the equipment does not work, or can not make good use of heat, this huge waste completely and HTF heater's high efficiency can not be compared. Second, the hot press heater oil heater is also very simple. We have a calculation method for your reference here: Under normal circumstances: 1KW electricity equivalent to 860 calories, 1T boiler is equivalent to 60W calories, such as a pressing machine requires a total of 240,000 pressing plate Kcal calories, that 4T boiler, then converted into electricity, that is: 240000/860 = 280KW or so.

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