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Different Industries, How To Buy Industrial Water Cooled Chiller?
- Jul 12, 2017 -

We all know that stars in the industrial Water Cooled Chiller have their own special place, which is the selection of different industries for customers to select the best industrial Water Cooled Chiller.

Industrial refrigeration machine different types of industry, there are exquisite

1. Plastic industry: Accurate control of all kinds of plastic processing mold temperature, shorten the beer plastic cycle, to ensure product quality stability.

2. Electronic industry: Stabilizing the molecular structure of electronic components in the production line, improving the qualified rate of electronic components, apply to the ultrasonic cleaning industry, effectively prevent the volatile and volatile of the expensive cleaning agent.

3. Electroplating industry: Control plating temperature, increase the density and smoothness of plating parts, shorten the electroplating cycle, improve production efficiency, improve product quality.

4. Machinery industry: Control the pressure oil temperature, stabilize oil temperature, prolong the use time, improve the efficiency of mechanical lubrication and reduce wear.

5. The construction industry: to provide concrete with frozen water, so that the concrete molecular structure suitable for building use requirements, effectively enhance the hardness and toughness of concrete.

6. Vacuum Coating: Control the temperature of the vacuum coating machine to ensure the high quality of the plating.

7. Food industry: For food processing after the high-speed cooling, to adapt to the packaging requirements. In addition there is control of the temperature of fermented food.

8. Chemical Fiber industry: freeze dry air to ensure product quality.

9. Chemical industry: Explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, guarantee the safety of Water Cooled Chiller.

10. Pharmaceutical industry: dust-proof room refrigeration and purification of air, production process cooling cold Water Cooled Chiller.

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