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Die Temperature Machine Principle
- Dec 18, 2017 -

The practice of mold temperature machine name should be called the mold temperature control machine, mold temperature machine commonly used in plastic molding, light guide plate. Die casting, extrusion. Extrusion, rubber tires. Scroll. Chemical. Reverberation. Adhesive. Intensive mixing and other industries From a broad sense, it should be called a mold temperature machine, which includes both temperature control and temperature control in the plastic industry, its main role is to:

1, mold temperature machine to improve product forming efficiency;

2, mold temperature to reduce the production of bad products;

3, mold temperature machine to improve the appearance of the product, to prevent product defects;

4, Die-temperature machine to speed up the progress of consumption, reduce energy consumption, save energy in the die-casting industry, there is also a lot of room for use, so according to the industry can be called die-casting mold temperature machine. Special die temperature machine manufacturers in magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy manufacturing, uneven or improper mold temperature will lead to casting size instability, the casting process in the top casting deformation, mold temperature machine manufacturers have thermal stress, sticky mold , The appearance of depression, shrinkage and hot bubble and other defects on the consumer cycle also have an impact, such as filling time, mold temperature machine manufacturers cooling time and spraying time have instability. In addition, die-casting mold temperature die life Due to overheating and overheating, expensive steel will be cracked and accelerated to accelerate its aging.

Die-casting mold temperature in modern factories, in response to market competition, save manpower, improve quality, reduce operating costs of the business strategy is imperative, the use of mold temperature, mold preheating time can reduce the quality of the appearance of waste and can be Completely automated consumption. Improve the mold life is the necessary means to improve consumer spending.

The temperature control machine in the use of other industries is the inevitable conditions for the formation of equipment, water machine called different. In the PVC sheet roller temperature control called oil heater in the extruder equipment called temperature control installation, in the Rubber mixer equipment called temperature control system or called temperature control machine, called hot oil furnace in the hot press industry, these devices is basically a first rapid heating, and then the insulation process. In the rubber equipment warming After the long-term needs of a cool cooling process.

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