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Die-casting Mold Temperature Using The Principle Of Heat Exchange
- Dec 15, 2017 -

Die-casting mold temperature machine using heat exchange principle, can accurately control the mold temperature, and rapid cycle in the mold in the forming time to maintain a stable temperature to ensure the quality of the forming industry and improve production efficiency, shorten the mold opening time and reduce mold Waste generated and defective products. Die-casting mold temperature machine operating temperature up to 350 ℃, using the world's most advanced process design, high temperature control, high thermal conductivity, energy efficient. And can be configured to automatically sucked back to the oil, all negative pressure operation, RS485 communication and other functions, fully representative of today's highest level of European imports die temperature comparable. Thank you for visiting our website, you are currently in the die-casting mold temperature machine industry website, if you are interested in the sales of die-casting mold temperature machine industry, warm remind you: you can call our hotline to learn more details of related industries Information, our operations staff will make every effort to sell for you.

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