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Daily Maintenance Of Air Compressor.
- Apr 03, 2018 -

           In order to make the air compressor can run normally and reliably, and ensure the service life of the unit, must develop detailed maintenance plan, execute during operation, regular maintenance, regular inspection and maintenance, keep the air compressor unit, clean, no oil, no dirt.

Main parts maintenance and maintenance refer to the following table:

         Note: 1. According to the above-mentioned repair and replacement parts must be identified: when the pressure inside the air compressor system has been released, with the rest of the pressure source is separated, the main circuit switch has broken, and no security identity of closing has been completed.

         2. The replacement time of the compressor's cooling lubricant depends on the use of the environment, humidity, dust and air to have the acid and alkali gas. The newly purchased air compressor must replace the new oil for 500 hours for the first time, and the machine should be replaced every 4000 hours after the normal oil changing cycle. The machine should be replaced every year for less than 4000 hours.

         3. The oil filter must be replaced for 300 to 500 hours after the first operation, and the second time is replaced by 2000 hours, and then the normal time will be changed every 2,000 hours.

         4. Maintain and replace air filter or inlet valve to prevent any sundries from falling into the compressor's main chamber. When the operation is completed, the main entrance is closed. After the operation is completed, it is necessary to turn several circles in the rotation direction of the host by hand, and make sure that there is no obstacle to start up.

        5. Check the tightness of the belt when the machine is running around 2000 hours. If the belt is loose, adjust it until the belt tensioning. In order to protect the belt, it is necessary to prevent the belt from being damaged by oil pollution during the whole process.

        6. Replace the oil filter at the same time every time you change oil.

        7. The replacement parts shall be as original as possible, otherwise there will be matching problems.