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Concept Of High Temperature Oil Temperature Machine
- Nov 21, 2017 -

Ultra-high temperature oil temperature Oil temperature machine is the thermal conductivity of oil as a medium of the mold temperature machine. He also can be called oil heaters, oil temperature heaters, oil circulation temperature control machine.

Oil temperature machine (ultra-high temperature oil temperature machine) details:

1, computer touch control, easy to understand.

2, microcomputer double group P.I.D temperature control table, touch storage, automatic calculation.

3, security and fault indication system.

4, long service life of components.

5, heating and cooling speed, accurate and stable temperature.

6, unique and power heating design, suitable for different temperature control places, energy-saving effect is obvious.

7, stainless steel forming, tube donation, plus cooked evenly.

8, boot automatically exhaust function.

Ultra-high temperature oil machine for auxiliary production of engineering plastic materials, plastic products. For example: nylon, PC, acrylic beer. Oil temperature machine first preset to reach the required temperature of the injection mold, a molding for high quality products, reduce test mold materials. Mold temperature machine to reduce waste, to provide production and quality