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Chiller On The Performance Of The Compressor Lubricant What Are The Requirements
- Dec 01, 2017 -

Chiller on the performance of the compressor lubricant What are the requirements?

Refrigeration compressors are one of the most important components of chillers, so they require high levels of lubricants (also known as refrigerating oils). In order to ensure the normal operation of the compressor chiller, you must make the performance of the lubricating oil to meet the following requirements. The company is located in:

(1) Compatibility: The lubricating oil selected for the chiller compressor must be compatible with the refrigerant and materials used in the chiller so as to reduce the unfavorable factors on the chiller. The company is located in:

(2) Viscosity: Viscosity is the most important feature that weighs the quality of the lubricant. It not only determines the lubricity of the lubricant, but also affects the compressor performance of the chiller as well as the cooling and sealing performance of the friction parts. The company is located in:

(3) Acid value: If the lubricating oil used in the chiller contains acidic substances, it will directly corrode the metal in the chiller and seriously affect the service life of the chiller. The company is located in:

(4) Cloud point: Select the lubricating oil, the cloud point temperature should be selected below the chiller evaporation temperature, or paraffin precipitation, will block chiller throttle mechanism, affecting the normal operation of the chiller. The company is located in:

(5) freezing point: Although the chiller used in different industries, but the frozen oil freezing point, generally lower than -40 ℃. The company is located in:

(6) Flash point: Under normal circumstances, the chiller requirements of the flash point of not less than 150 ℃. If the frozen oil has a low flash point, it will cause coking and burning of the lubricating oil. Therefore, the flash point of the frozen oil must be 15-30 ° C above the exhaust temperature. The company is located in:

(7) Lubricating oil chemical stability and oxidation stability within the specified range. The company is located in:

(8) to the chiller selection of lubricants, we must ensure that the oil does not contain moisture, mechanical impurities or sol.

(9) breakdown voltage: This is a measure of frozen oil electrical insulation performance indicators.

A good quality, stable operation of the chiller, can not do without superior performance of the refrigeration compressor. It is like a human heart, holding the power of life and death. Therefore, users in the process of using chillers, to regularly check the situation of lubricants, if necessary, be sure to replace and chiller plant the same brand and model of lubricants to ensure safe and normal operation of the chiller.

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