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Chiller Few Major Election Type Points
- Dec 15, 2017 -

In industrial production, mechanical equipment generates heat during operation, and if the heat can not be dissipated in time, it will affect the normal operation of the equipment and the quality and production efficiency of the product. Another situation is processed products in processing need to reach a certain temperature, to be processed normally or to achieve a higher pass rate and production efficiency. Then the temperature of the product must be processed before processing or processing to achieve the desired temperature, this time, the chiller on the shiny debut. But in determining the use of chiller, how to choose a chiller?

        First, the amount of frozen water: Chilled water is chilled water chiller cooling, directly on the site to be cooled, but because of the size of its water flow will directly affect the heat transfer effect, the flow is based on the material being cooled parts, Density and heat exchange ratio calculated, and some equipment on the cooling flow required, because the water is not enough cooling is not down. Therefore, the water flow on the chiller operation and production equipment cooling effect is directly related.

        Second, the cooling capacity: chiller cooling capacity directly relates to the production equipment and operating efficiency of the normal use, if the cooling capacity is too small, then you can not achieve the desired cooling effect, ranging from lower production efficiency, operating power consumption becomes larger, Heavy production equipment can not be normal operation, to stop the production line. However, if the selection is too large, it is a waste of energy, operating costs also become larger, and then the larger the chiller cooling capacity chiller price higher. Therefore, the type of matching cooling capacity is the key.

        Third, the temperature of import and export: When the production equipment or production of raw materials in the production and processing, the need for cooling, chillers and production equipment connected to the pipeline import and export there will be temperature differences, the temperature difference is the actual production equipment Heat, so you can quite accurate calculation and selection of chiller.

        Fourth, the cooling medium: Cooling medium generally: tap water, ethylene glycol solution, oils, sea water, food and beverage.

        Fifth, users want the air-cooled or water-cooled: air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers are chillers, but the cooling unit in different ways, so the installation is also different. Air-cooled is more convenient, you can run the water pipes and power supply, but the cooling effect is slightly worse than the water-cooled chiller, because the air-cooled chiller cooling is air, and the air is greatly affected by the ambient temperature, and The group installation location also requires space around the chiller.

       Water-cooled chillers use water as their own cooling, so the name of the water-cooled, water-cooled chillers need to install cooling towers for the unit cooling, pipework more than air-cooled chiller two water pipes, but the water-cooled cold water Machine effect is much better than air-cooled, even in the selection of air-cooled smaller than a model, so the installation conditions, most users will choose water-cooled chiller.

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