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Characteristics Of Vacuum Freeze Dryer And Its Troubleshooting
- Jun 20, 2017 -

First, the main features of vacuum freeze dryer

1, the vacuum freeze dryer using air-cooled condensing fully enclosed compressor refrigeration system, rapid cooling, low temperature iceters, strong adsorption of water

2, vacuum freeze dryer freeze-dried items using natural air heating to maintain the safety of the sample

3, temperature, vacuum display are digital, accurate and intuitive

4, vacuum freeze dryer with transparent plexiglass cover, can observe the whole process of freeze-drying, the sample is clear and intuitive

5, stable performance, easy operation, low noise

6, vacuum connection using the international standard standard clamp, convenient and reliable

7, vacuum freeze dryer with a vacuum pump power plug, no need to connect another power supply, easy to use

Second, the vacuum freeze dryer common faults and troubleshooting methods

1, the degree of vacuum can not reach the target

Check whether the bleed valve of the vacuum freeze dryer is tight. Can also be repeated in the pumping process to open and close the valve, so that the outside air blowing valve hole to blow out the vacuum freeze dryer valve may have impurities, so as to ensure the valve seal.

The vacuum pump is connected to the main unit by a vacuum tube to check if the clamps at both connections are tightened. Vacuum freeze dryer main right side of the main port of the stainless steel connector, can be tightened with a large wrench clockwise.

Check whether the bottom of the plexiglass is smooth and smooth. "O" type rubber seal is damaged. In the vacuum freeze dryer began to work, forced under pressure with a glass cover moment, is conducive to sealing.

Check the vacuum freeze dryer oil quality, from the oil mirror to observe whether the pump oil turbid or mixed with impurities, under normal circumstances, continuous work for about 200 hours, need to replace the vacuum freeze dryer oil.

2, vacuum freeze dryer oil leakage inspection vacuum freeze dryer oil spill parts, replace the corresponding new accessories.

3, the cold trap temperature is high, generally due to vacuum freeze dryer poor heat dissipation, or environmental temperature caused by high.

4, vacuum display "---" check the vacuum freeze dryer vacuum gauge connection