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Buy Mold Temperature Machine To Understand What Knowledge
- Nov 27, 2017 -

1. In the purchase of mold temperature machine when we first need to know what mold temperature machine models:

For example, how many degrees the maximum temperature, water-based mold temperature machine or oil mold temperature machine, there is the size of the heating power.

2. Mold temperature machine is divided into water-based mold temperature machine and oil mold temperature machine two, the temperature control range is generally ordinary Who is the mold temperature up to 120 degrees, the maximum temperature of ordinary oil mold temperature can be controlled at 200 Degrees, the temperature of high temperature water-type mold temperature can be controlled within 180 degrees, the temperature of the high temperature oil-type mold temperature can be controlled within 350 degrees.

Mold temperature machine purchase we need to pay attention to some

1 heat pipe and pipe requirements must use stainless steel, iron can be used generally scrapped one year.

2. The motor requires the use of the brand.

3. Solenoid valve to be good, it is best to use Taiwan and Italy imported more stable brand.

4. Temperature control To use the PID, the temperature can be controlled accurately.

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