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Buy Mold Temperature Machine - Do Not Ignore The Details
- Nov 25, 2017 -

Buy common sense: mold temperature machine in the purchase of those who pay attention to it? How to choose to buy a good oil temperature machine? Mold temperature machine using high thermal conductivity of the thermal media, so that in a very short period of time will be sent away within the mold. After setting the thermal equilibrium temperature, the mold temperature controller can automatically control its temperature within the minimum error and maintain the constant value. In the mold temperature machine when we first need to understand what common sense it? Here to give you a brief summary of the common sense of mold temperature machine, I hope I can bring you help.

      (1) First of all, in the purchase of mold temperature machine when we have to know what type of mold temperature machine: For example, water-based mold temperature machine or oil mold temperature machine, the maximum temperature to use how many degrees, etc., there is fever Power size and other related common sense:

      (2) Moreover, the mold temperature machine is divided into water-type mold temperature machine and oil mold temperature machine two, the best heating method should be hot oil heating. Continuous hot oil through the mold within the pipeline, from the internal mold heating, the mold to achieve the status suitable for production. Because HTF can not only heat, but also water-like cooling, the function like a heat exchanger, can maintain the mold temperature within a certain range, even if the production interruption can also be properly maintained mold temperature. Temperature control range is usually ordinary Who is the mold temperature up to 120 degrees, the maximum temperature of ordinary oil mold temperature can be controlled within 200 degrees, the temperature of high temperature water mold temperature can be controlled within 180 degrees, high temperature oil mold Temperature control temperature can be controlled within 350 degrees. Temperature control is particularly important in the use of the process, to more properly adjust the demand is more rational use of mold temperature machine.

      (3) Then, introduce the difference between the water temperature machine and the oil temperature machine:

Water temperature machine is made of water for heat transfer medium, clean in the course of use, the cost is lower, but the relative control temperature is lower. Oil temperature machine using heat transfer oil as a heat transfer medium, the use of high cost, but can control the temperature range. The above is the difference between water temperature machine and oil temperature machine.

      (4) Finally, know the mold temperature machine style, then how to choose the model? Mold temperature machine common sense 1 mold temperature machine selection: This can refer to my company's other articles, there are specific instructions. Mold Temperature Machine Model Mold Temperature Machine Model: Mold temperature machine model is usually in accordance with the mold temperature machine heating power to define the model, generally divided into 4KW, 6KW, 9KW, 12KW, 19KW, 24KW, 30KW, 36KW and so on . Mold temperature machine purchase we need to pay attention to some of the key components, every detail is very important, so the purchase should pay attention to testing.