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Briefly Describe The State Of The Oil Heater At High Temperatures
- Nov 18, 2017 -

Oil heater with low pressure, high temperature operating characteristics. Heat transfer oil heating can save investment and energy consumption than steam heating energy saving, it is widely used in petrochemical, textile, wood processing, building materials, production road construction, paint, plastic, rubber, food processing, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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      September 1995, the rubber products factory decided to use heat-conducting oil heating new technology, in order to achieve energy saving, lower costs and improve quality. However, enterprises in the production of both indirect heating requirements, but also need to discard a small amount of steam directly heated, so require a special test steam generator with a small coal-fired hot oil boiler. Has become a new topic in the development of HTF boiler technology, but also a new opportunity. Thermal oil boiler is a fever and transmission, many industrial manufacturing industries will use it because it generates heat, so the temperature test is very demanding, without the temperature test, the product is not good.

       Temperature test is to meet the strict requirements of all walks of life on the temperature, and sometimes the effect of double the temperature difference will be completely different, such as water, if less than 100 degrees will not boil, or even 99 degrees. Therefore, there must be a complete industrial furnace temperature measurement system that not only accurately tests for temperature and sensitivity to changes, but also has a sophisticated early warning mechanism such as temperature reaches the set value, the oil will alarm people have reached the set temperature.

      At present, many oil products are still in their infancy, that is, very backward temperature measurement system. To enable foreign high-end manufacturing enterprises to improve passive learning situation, learn their advanced technology, and its application to the actual production, keep pace with the times, so as to make the product has a significant improvement. Production quality control system is to test the strength of a business point, if the production control system enterprises, enterprises have strong strength, if the production is not good, the strength of enterprises is not very strong.

      This is why product prices in the market, the root causes of high and low, we buy must understand the company's production technology and strength in many ways, choose high-quality, high-performance oil, so that we will be more uneasily abandoned .