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Analysis Of The Working Principle Of Oil Heater
- Dec 15, 2017 -

Oil heater is based on coal, heavy oil, light oil, other combustible gas combustible materials as fuel, thermal oil as a heat carrier. Circulating oil pump is used to force the liquid phase to circulate, and the heat energy is sent to the heat-using equipment and then to the reheated temperature-controlling equipment. Oil heater is a new type of special industrial furnace which is safe, energy-efficient, low pressure (atmospheric pressure or low pressure) and can provide high temperature thermal energy. Heat conducting oil is used as heat carrier, heat carrier is circulated through hot oil pump, Pass to the hot equipment.

For oil heaters, the heat is generated and transferred by the electrical heating elements immersed in the heat conducting oil, with the heat conducting oil as a medium, the circulating pump is used to force the heat conducting oil to circulate in the liquid phase, transferring the heat to one or more heat exchangers , After unloading with thermal equipment, re-circulating pump, back to the heater, and then absorb the heat, passed to the use of heat equipment, so cycle again and again to achieve the continuous transfer of heat, the temperature of the object is heated to achieve the heating process requirements .

Oil heater can work under lower operating pressure <0.5Mpa, to obtain a higher working temperature ≤ 320 ℃, reducing the level of heat equipment compression, can improve system safety.

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