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Air Cooled Chiller Small Common Sense
- May 25, 2017 -

Air Cooled Chiller is one of the chiller models, the normal temperature of the water through the chiller compressor cooling to a certain temperature to strengthen the cooling mold or machine, as a stand-alone use, the cooling device for the built-in fan, there are three mutual Contact system: refrigerant circulation system, water circulation system, electrical control system. Today, my company Xiaobian to give you some sort of Air Cooled Chiller tips, I hope to help you.

Cooling machine cooling method:

First: remove the wet curtain (a total of four parts, regardless of succession.)

1, first wet the top of the three screws screw down.

2, holding the top of the wet curtain of the blinds, the wet curtain gently pull out a little to mention the wet curtain removed.

Second: remove the top cover and cloth pipe assembly.

1, first screw on the top cover, and then pull up the top cover up.

2, the water pipes on the throat hoop loose and the water pipe release, the cloth pipe assembly up and won.

Third: cloth water pipe cleaning.

1, if the cloth pipe on the hole plug, you can use the wire to poke it.

2, with water to the cloth on the water stains clean.

In the Air Cooled Chiller work in the principle of energy saving: evaporation temperature, reduce the condensation temperature to meet the equipment safety and production needs under the premise of maximizing the evaporation temperature and reduce the condensation temperature.

This has increased the transformation of the cold tower to ensure the effectiveness of cooling water. Prevent and reduce the freezing machine pipe fouling to improve the condenser and evaporator heat transfer efficiency to add water If the water treatment is not good, calcium bicarbonate calcium carbonate generated by calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate will be deposited on the pipeline.

So that the thermal conductivity decreased, affecting the condenser and evaporator heat transfer efficiency, and equipment to run electricity in the range of increase. At this point in addition to the use of water treatment technology, you can also use the pipeline regularly automatic cleaning equipment for pipeline cleaning. Adjust the freezer equipment Reasonable operating load In the case of safe operation of the equipment, the cooling of the host movement in the 80% to 80% load than the 100% load, the unit cooling power consumption is small, run this Way to start with the pump, cooling tower operation to consider the situation.

The use of freezer refrigerator frequency conversion device, adjust the centrifugal refrigerator compressor speed low-pressure refrigerant through the centrifuge, the pressure increases. The greater the speed of the centrifuge, the higher the pressure rise. In actual operation, most of the equipment is running at full load. Fixed speed of the centrifuge on the equipment load operation, resulting in energy waste.

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