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Air-cooled Chiller Downtime
- Nov 29, 2017 -

1, the chiller suddenly shut down, this is a factor for more reasons, if the chiller suddenly power outages, you should first cut off the power switch and the compressor suction valve, exhaust valve closed, and close the liquid supply Valve, stop supplying fluid to the evaporator, so as to avoid wet compression when the next time you turn on the machine, the evaporator liquid is too much.

2, stop water suddenly shut down, if the sudden interruption of cooling water, should immediately cut off the power to stop the refrigeration compressor to avoid excessive pressure on the condenser. Compressor shut down immediately after the suction, exhaust valve and the supply valve , To find out the reasons to eliminate the fault, and then restart after the water supply.

3, Refrigeration compressor failure downtime, due to damage to the compressor parts of a compressor in urgent need of shutdown, if the time allows you can press the normal shutdown operation, if the situation is urgent, then cut off the motor power supply, the suction and exhaust valves closed And for the liquid valve.

4, wet trip down, in operation if the refrigeration compressor wet trip should be dealt with separately according to their severity, the slight wet-stroke should be closed or close the suction valve or expansion valve.For more serious wet stroke , Immediately shut down the suction valve, expansion valve.After a serious wet trip, you should let go of the refrigerant in the crankcase, or use other refrigeration compressors to extract the refrigerant in the crankcase and cylinder, while changing the lubricating oil , Vacuum, pressure test leaks, before starting the test machine.

Air-cooled chiller non-normal shutdown should avoid multiple occurrence, appear once or twice can rely on the regulation of the unit itself can solve the residual problems.If often appear, multiple accumulation will cause very serious damage to the compressor.

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