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350 Degrees High Temperature Oil Machine How To Control
- Dec 18, 2017 -

Now, many people do not understand the 350-degree temperature oil temperature so high temperature, pressure, power so big, how to control? It depends on what to maintain normal operation? The following answer from Kassel opened us 350 degrees oil temperature machine.


       350 degrees high temperature oil machine has a complete set of safety and maintenance equipment:

       1, the temperature control table shows the temperature, set the temperature before use, set the temperature and the actual temperature show separately, there is a return oil temperature appears;

       2, the level switch can detect the lack of oil circulation system status, real-time will take the initiative to cut off the hot oil pump and electric and alarm, to avoid lack of oil due to the machine burned heating tube;

       3, thermal relay overload pump maintenance start;

       4, over-temperature maintenance switch temperature exceeds the upper limit will automatically block heating and alarm;

       5, pressure maintenance switch abnormal pressure automatic blocking electric system;

       6, reverse power alarm equipment When the three-phase power plug the wrong, will not be able to boot, to avoid pump inversion;

       7, the air switch short circuit, leakage will take the initiative to intercept the total circuit.

       With this series of safety and maintenance control devices, when using a 350 degree oil cooler, we no longer have to worry about the temperature so high, the pressure, the power is so big, how to control and so on.

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