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The reason why the temperature of water-cooled chiller can not drop down
- Jan 22, 2018 -

The reason why the temperature of water-cooled chiller can not drop down

Water-cooled chillers have become more and more widely used in industries around us. Their main function is to provide industrial chilled water for equipment or products. The water temperature requirements can be adjusted according to user needs, and its accuracy is more Accurate control at ± 1 ℃. However, the use of the unit, some users have encountered temperature drop down, let's analyze together.

When they use water-cooled chillers, cooling towers and pumps need to be equipped with cooling water to provide circulating cooling water. Comparing with air-cooled chillers, it is more complicated to cause the chiller to drop in temperature, such as:

1, Cassel machinery, all chillers are 100% performance test before leaving the factory, to ensure the normal operation of the unit. If the initial use of this problem, it may be chilled water machine matching is wrong;

2, the initial use of chiller temperature does not drop down, there is another reason is the water chiller and cooling towers, circulating pumps, pipes installed between a little problem, you need to carefully scrutinize the installation diagram;

3, if it has been used six months or a year later chiller appearance of this situation, it may be the following questions:

a, water-cooled chiller heat exchanger is too dirty, it is recommended to clean the heat exchanger (fin heat exchanger or shell and tube heat exchanger), and in the subsequent use of regular cleaning;

b, chilled water machine refrigeration system leakage freon, it is recommended to find the leak, repair welding, plus refrigerant;

c, there may be chiller environment is relatively harsh, too high or too low, resulting in chiller can not meet the requirements, in this case can only be selected by larger chiller to meet the requirements;

4, may be the use of water impurities, after a long period of accumulation attached to the pipeline between the various devices, resulting in small water flow. Therefore, to the pipeline between the various equipment to be cleaned;

For the above problems, if the user factory is not a professional maintenance staff do not arbitrarily handle, but should find the original water-cooled chiller to arrange professional and technical personnel, or near the factory to find a professional maintenance point for processing; and For poor water users, it is recommended to filter the water quality or professional water treatment; In addition, the user point to do regular maintenance of the unit, not only to ensure the normal operation of the unit, but also to extend the service life of water-cooled chillers .

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