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Roller oil temperature machine introduction
- Jan 02, 2018 -

Roller oil temperature machine introduction

      Roller oil temperature machine should be based on different processes and to determine different temperatures, reasonable temperature control of the roller is very important, the temperature control effect directly affects the quality of the product, according to the structure of the roller (tube) and Process, to determine the different heating temperature, temperature control or sub-section to take uniform temperature, heating and cooling double PID control. If the temperature control is not good, will make the product surface uneven luster, a lot of bubbles and so on. Lightweight books affect the quality of products, heavy books cause a lot of waste, and even make the production can not be normal.

      Roller oil temperature machine imported micro-PLC or PLC control, temperature accuracy can be controlled at ± 1 degrees, the temperature is uniform and stable, to ensure that the product is not affected by changes in the machine itself and the surrounding environment temperature. High-power plate heat exchanger heating speed, cooling power. RS485 communication functions, to achieve automated management. The setpoint and actual value are displayed separately. Automatic exhaust function after boot, the air inside the system can be automatically heated after the exclusion. Rapid heating and cooling speed, accurate and uniform temperature and stability, all of the internal pipe seamless stainless steel one-piece molding, heating, pipe loss. A number of security settings, the temperature anomalies, the cycle temperature exceeds the upper limit alarm and cut off the main power supply, contactor stuck abnormal heating alarm and instructions, abnormal system pressure automatically stop the heating action, BY-PASS pressure relief circuit protection pump Pu, liquid level switch to detect the oil level to prevent the lack of oil and alarm instructions, improve safety fault display, maintenance without professionals.

      Roller oil temperature machine in the factory are rigorously tested to ensure that the product's technology leader, reliable quality. The level of design and manufacture reached the international advanced level, can completely replace the imported equipment, improve the quality of after-sales service assurance, and fully solve each customer's worries. Factory direct sales roller special mold temperature machine, roller temperature control machine, rolling roller temperature control machine, calender roll temperature control machine, casting roll temperature control machine temperature control machine.

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