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Oil temperature oil heater features
- Jan 19, 2018 -

Oil temperature oil heater features

Oil temperature machine can also be called oil heater, the use of temperature is 200 ℃, in addition to 300 ℃ oil temperature machine and 350 ℃ oil temperature machine to choose from. Oil temperature machine and oil heater at the time of purchase, try to provide detailed Process conditions to the manufacturer, determined by the professional models, to avoid the wrong model and can not be used normally. Oil temperature machine models and specifications are more, according to the actual production process to determine the heating power and pump power , To avoid the phenomenon of power is too large or too small.

Oil heater features:

1, the temperature controller using Japanese Omron (double P.I.D.) touch mode storage, automatic calculation, accurate and reliable control within ± 1 ℃, saving more than 35%.

2, two sets of electric heat pipe, can be used alone or in common.

3, heating and cooling time, temperature stability.

4, electric tube, etc. made of stainless steel, the wire imported from Sweden.

5, safety protection and fault indication system is perfect.

6, the use of imported high-level components, long service life.

7, advanced process system design, easy operation and maintenance.

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