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Oil temperature machine working principle
- Jan 13, 2018 -

Oil temperature machine working principle

       Oil temperature machine parts for many categories, refinement, for example, electric heating oil temperature machine, gas heating oil temperature machine, electromagnetic heating oil temperature machine, semiconductor heating oil temperature machine, fuel burning oil temperature machine, and then subdivided with energy-saving Oil temperature machine, the new high-precision safety oil temperature machine All oil temperature machine applications according to different customers, different occasions, different environments to buy.

       Oil temperature machine as the name implies, is the thermal conductivity of oil as a heat transfer medium temperature machine. Oil temperature machine itself has a storage tank, the working oil from the storage tank into the system by the circulating pump into the mold or other need to control Temperature of the equipment, HTF from the temperature control equipment came out, and then returned to the system, and again and again. HTF heated by the heater, when the temperature probe detects the media temperature reaches the set value, the heater stops working when the temperature Below the set value, the heater starts to work, when the temperature reaches the set value, and stop working, so cycle back and forth.

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