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Oil temperature machine maintenance and inspection methods
- Jan 03, 2018 -

Oil temperature machine maintenance and inspection methods

1, keep cooling tower water clean, keep Y-type filter is not blocked.

2, heat oil quality, no impurities, regular replacement and cleaning; three months to be replaced once.

3, filter: every two weeks to remove the cleaning.

4, solenoid valve removed every month to clean.

5, float switch every month to remove the cleaning.

6, the machine (including the external connection of the valve and piping) in operation at high temperature, running after the heat is still high temperature, therefore, when the machine and the pipe did not drop below 40 ℃, please do not touch.

7, the removal of high-temperature mold removal of water pipelines, to prevent the spray mist, scalded body. When rapid cooling is required, if the temperature is set to 30 ° C or lower, the unit can be quickly cooled by circulating the cooling water.

8, the hose connecting the mold and the oil temperature machine must be able to withstand 160 ℃, pressure 5kgf / cm2. It is best to use Teflon tube.

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