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Oil temperature machine fault analysis and troubleshooting
- Jan 02, 2018 -

Oil temperature machine fault analysis and troubleshooting

       1, power indicator does not light after power

       Possible causes: Warranty burn, main power failure, transformer damage, circuit board damage, other line failure

       Remedy: Replacement insurance, check the main power, replace the transformer, the worse the circuit board, check other circuits

       2, after power on, the machine reverse indicator light, no alarm buzzer

       Possible causes: The main power phase sequence error, the main power phase loss, the internal wiring error, the main control board damaged

       Remedy: The main power any two lines interchangeable, check the main power supply voltage, check the internal wiring lines, replace the main control board.

       3, open the pump, the low level indicator light, the pump does not start

       Possible causes: Insufficient fuel tank following kerosene, insufficient water pressure (2KGF / CM2), low pressure setting is too high.

       Remedy: Add hot kerosene to the tank until the alarm stops, increase the pressure until the alarm until the water pressure to repress the low pressure switch until the alarm.

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