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Oil heater design main requirements
- Mar 03, 2018 -

Oil heater design main requirements

         1 design heat load. Oil heater thermal load and effective thermal load to leave some room, usually 10% to 15%.

         2 design temperature. The design temperature of the oil heating furnace is determined by its operating temperature and should be designed according to the relevant provisions of gb9222 "Calculation of the strength of the original water tube boiler".

        3 design pressure. Oil heating furnace design pressure should be slightly higher than the maximum working pressure, and should not be less than the relief valve opening pressure. The design pressure of the gas phase furnace adopts the working pressure of 1.2 to 1.5 times; the design pressure of the liquid phase furnace should take the pressure of 1.05 to 1.2 times; the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the heat conducting oil in the liquid phase furnace should be more than 0.15mpa (1.5kgf / cm2).

         4 thermal oil import and export temperature. Design from both economic and security point of view for the oil heating furnace in the system design an appropriate temperature, the temperature difference should be less than 30 ℃.

        5 HTF in the tube flow rate. The design of the HTF in the tube at a certain flow rate, but not due to local overheating and coking, the general radiation section with 2 ~ 4m / s flow rate, convection section of the pipe using 1.5 ~ 2.5m / s flow rate. The determination of this parameter should also take into account the hot oil resistance in the pipe and to ensure that hot oil turbulence in the pipe activities. Large diameter, high flow rate; small diameter, the flow rate should be lower.

        6 tube uniform hot strength. Design requirements uniform heat pipe furnace strength within a certain range, so that the heat transfer oil will not overheat, but also make full use of the heat transfer tube area. The uniform heat intensity of the tube of the general radiating section is 0.084 ~ 0.167gj / (m2.h), and the uniform heat intensity of the six - section tube is 0.033 ~ 0.047gj / (m2.h).

        7 exhaust temperature. According to the operating temperature of the HTF in operation, the difference between the temperature of the exhaust gas and the temperature of the HTF is preferably controlled at 80-120 ° C and the temperature of the exhaust gas at 350-400 ° C, so that the convection heating surface is not too large. In order to make full use of the thermal energy, some of the higher exhaust heat excluding heat from the heat-conducting oil furnace should be disposed of with waste heat recovery unit to recycle, especially the larger heat-conducting oil furnace should be considered and addressed.

        8 All pipes and accessories in contact with the HTF are strictly prohibited to be made of non-ferrous metals and cast iron. The flanges and valves shall be cast steel valves and seals with a nominal pressure of 2.5mpa (25kgf / cm2) and above. The seals shall be of high temperature resistant and oil resistant materials. Biphenyl mixture type heat transfer oil, the use of tongue and groove or convex type flange connection.

        9 heat conduction oil furnace must be set low drainage valve, and require it to drain material, to ensure that no residue liquid heat oil heater.

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