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Oil heater applications
- Dec 25, 2017 -

Oil heater applications

       Hot oil heater oil heat transfer medium for the hot press equipment, in the three-plate processing has been widely used.

       In the past years, boiler steam heating has lagged far behind, the disadvantage is the huge steam heating equipment, auxiliary facilities and more inconvenient, inconvenient temperature control, inaccurate, more investment, less effective. Pressure plate and heating channel to withstand higher steam pressure, the working pressure is generally 13 ~ 15X105Pa, the safety factor is relatively small, the pipeline set up more trouble in the construction, platen cavity sooner or later scaling, scaling can not be cleared, Seriously lead to scrapped.

       In order to change the backward conditions and find a more flexible and efficient heating route, the oil heater heat transfer oil heat transfer medium is applied. Its application has brought great convenience to people. Heat transfer oil oil heater is good, heat conduction and high efficiency, field applications are very convenient, without auxiliary equipment, relative to steam heating under the same conditions, the working pressure is only 6X105Pa, high safety factor, clean and sanitary, is conducive to the environment protection.

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